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Not gonna lie… we’re a bit different. In our church you don’t have to believe to belong and you don’t have to have your stuff together before you come and check us out.

We believe Jesus is in the business of changing lives and so we welcome anyone who wants to see what that might look like for them.

Faith... It's not meant to be done alone

It’s in our DNA to come alongside people and let Jesus do his thing. We have a number of ways you can connect with us.

We embrace children and young people

We don’t subscribe to the old adage, children should be seen and not heard. We believe children should be seen AND heard. We are conscious that in everything we do, we are modelling a way of life to them. We involve children in all our services and are focussed on bringing them up in the faith.

Sunday Services

For us, every Sunday is different.

This past season we have had different rhythms where some Sundays we have had a “regular” gathering or service, similar to what you may have experienced if you have been to a Christian church before.

We also like to share a meal with one another. This allows us to connect at a deeper level and allows people in our community to get to know us in an informal way.

We have a huge heart for our community of Mayfield and our postcode 2304. So, we regularly try to make a positive, practical, tangible difference in our neighbourhood – backyard blitzes, working bees, projects – we love rolling up our sleeves and helping out where we can.

The easiest way you can find out what we are up to on any given week, is to Like Us on Facebook.

About Us

Our church first gathered as a community following a visit from the evangelist E.C. Hinrichsen in September of 1937. Hinrichsen was conducting a tent mission in downtown Mayfield and many came to faith. Thus, a community where they could be nurtured and grow in their faith was needed and Mayfield Church of Christ (also known as Church of Christ Mayfield) was born.

While we are proud of our history, we are not tied to it. The mission of the Church has not changed but the way we “do” church adapts as society and culture change.

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Our vision & mission

Our Vision is to see our world transformed through life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ

We do this by being a visible and relevant example of Jesus in our world (Our Mission)

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